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Free 30 minute webinar for dynamic women who desire health, happiness AND success in 2017


Plan your new year to enjoy a successful year, with fabulous health AND happiness.

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20:30 Paris CET, 19:30 London 

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Only 100 Spots Available

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This Special Free Training Will Show You Essential Life and Health Hacks to:


Understand why New Year Resolutions invariably fail and what the alternative is to facilitate a fabulous start to 2017!  


How female hormones function and the ESSENTIALS to grasp for your your health, happiness and success.


A plan for 2017 to avoid overwhelm, gain clarity, focus and feel in control NOW! 

Who is This Training For?

  • Dyamic women who are ready for an energetic start to 2017!! 
  • You've undergone some challenging times and transitions this last year and are ready to put them behind you and make a fresh start (without necessarily another geographical move!)  
  • Superficially you have it 'all'. Yet underneath something is 'off' but you're not sure what to do about it and find yourself 'spinning', which is confusing as you're smart and usually know exactly what to do.  
  • You're frequently crazy busy, and overwhelmed.
  • You would love to feel consistently energised in 2017 so you're able to achieve your ambitious goals with ease. You're pretty driven, but time short so don't always have time to take care of yourself the way you'd like to.
  •  You're physically and/or emotionally exhausted. You've started to get physical symptoms (such as headaches, pain, low mood, hormone imbalances, anxiety) which you suspect may be related to stress. 
  •  Your body isn't looking or feeling how you would like it to - you're not as fit as you'd like to be - maybe you've put on weight or you're feeling less toned. You didn't used to be this way. You don't like to admit it but you're starting to feel old...yet there's still so much you want out of life! 


Sally is the founder of The Wellbeing Consultants, her Coaching, Physiotherapy and Pilates practice, which is based in her dream location, by Lake Geneva, at the foot of the French Alps. Her practice has developed alongside technology to these days offer her clients a high level of personal support online where ever they are in the world. Sally has spent over 20 years working with high achievers in the British Military, Health Service and Private Sports Injury Clinics.

As an expat, entrepreneur and mum of 2, Sally is passionate about supporting driven women to live, work and play the way they truly desire. Believing true success and freedom come from great health, happiness and success, she supports her clients to live purposeful lives with clarity, high energy and balance, not burnout. 

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